About Melanie

Top 5 Reasons Melanie Whittle Is Your Favorite Realtor

  1. She’s market-savvy. Raised in South Florida she knows the South Florida area and market like the back of her hand. She has spent her entire life here, so you can trust her insights.

  2. She’s a people-person. Deals happen through people, period. You need a realtor who can easily and expertly understand, connect with, and influence other people so that you can get the best deal possible. Melanie is that person. She gets the deal done … and done right.

  3. She’s professional, prepared and prompt. This should be assumed and expected. Unfortunately, it’s often more the exception than the rule. Melanie is a consummate real estate professional. You don’t run a successful business for two decades without it.

  4. She’s motivated. Melanie has one goal: to make your dream a reality. The house of your dreams is her business, literally, and she has a 20 year track record of success doing just that: exceeding expectations and making dreams come true.

  5. She’s a visionary. In this increasingly visual world, you need an expert who can present your home in the best possible light. Melanie knows the importance of – and best practices for – setting the stage to maximize impact. Her previous luxury clients such as The Ritz Carlton, The Waldorf Astoria and Regent Seven Seas all agree. Melanie will make sure that your home makes a powerful first impression.